Control Your Productivity on Social Media

Ghost for Chat is a productivity suite that keeps your productivity in check on Facebook.  It allows you to talk to everyone, without leaving a “seen” timestamp, it keeps you off the chat and eliminates distractions from Facebook’s newsfeed.

100,000+ Ghosts & Counting
Facebook’s days as a time-drain are over!

I’m a fan of the Ghost for Chat.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover

Love this. no one can see you online. none of my students none of my professors I am a ghost.. Good Job developers. WELL WORTH 19.99 for a year!!!

Jake Juengling
Jake Juengling

Love it, so happy with it & the new updates are wonderful! Thank you for creating something so unique!


Have been searching for a plugin such as this for months to no avail. this one maintains your privacy on facebook and is very user friendly. Additionally, the response team responded immediately to any questions I had. Highly recommended!

Haley Aaron

If I'm using Facebook again its only because of this extension.
Thank you !

Loukman nacik

If you are someone who has been searching for ways to hide your online status on Facebook AND hide when you were was last logged into the messenger (aka Last Seen Stamp), this extension is for you! Be sure to keep this extension activated if you want to stay invisible. The response team also responded immediately to any questions I had. So if you have any questions or concerns, please send them feedback before you give a review.

Courtney Averett

Awesome extension. For the PRIVACY CHAT that this program gives is well worth the 20.00 and my peace of mind of not getting caught on facebook at work.. Thank you Thank You Thank You

Alex Alverez

OMG i LOVE This extension... i have to log in twice but once in i am in and it shows me not on chat for 21 hours now.. i dont have to deal with people who see me online and think i have nothing better to do but CHAT.. WELL WORTH THE 20.00


I never thought I would actually *pay* for a chrome plugin ... but I did.
Why? Because it does exactly what it says: makes me invisible on facebook so I am not constantly annoyed by people who think I have a million hours of free time to chat!
It lets me keep facebook in the background while I am doing other stuff.
I love this plugin and recommend it.

Brutus Laurentius

i need to download it

Dalal Zahran
Prices That Won’t Scare You Away
Holy sheet! Check this out…
Super Ghost
$19.99/ year

Hide from Facebook Chat
No Green Light on Chat
No “Seen” Indication on Chat
No Last Seen Timestamp
Mute Keywords on the Feed
+ Eliminate Entire Feed
No Hassle for one Year

30 Days Money back
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express & PayPal
What if I change my mind?
We have a 30-day money back guaranty. We don’t want you to feel like you’re paying for something you don’t need.
When will you charge me?
On the date you first purchased the app for the yearly and three year plans, and once in a lifetime on the lifetime plan.
Will you sell my details?
Nope! Ghost respects your anonymity and loves your money, that’s enough for us.
Do you send emails periodically?
Only if you subscribe to our Ghostly Facebook Hacks Blog (coming soon).
How will I appear once on Facebook Chat?
You won’t! What do you think we’re trying to do here?
How do I control the app?
Once you install it, you’ll have a window on your browser with a little ghost image, just open it and you’ll have access to all the features.
Is there a risk with my invisibility?
Nope, our plugin is like an Ad Blocker, adjusted for Facebook Chat, allowing you to use it invisibly.
What will happen if I won’t pay?
You won’t be able to use the app, you have to purchase the app to use it.
What if I’d like to change a plan or cancel?
Just email us, and we’ll close your account or change your plan for you.